Transforming travel through payments.

Don’t let payment inefficiency ruin your customers' travel plans. Pay hotels, airlines and suppliers worldwide with global payment and card issuance capabilities, all in a single API.

Unlock worldwide travel.

Travel can be complicated. A single trip can include multiple hotels and airlines spread across continents and currencies. Nium covers 190+ countries and over 100 currencies, with real-time payments to 85 markets.

Virtual card issuing.

Nium Ixaris offers virtual card issuance that can scale. Card issuance can increase acceptance, help better manage cash flow and enable easier dispute processes. Powered by dozens of Visa and Mastercard card types.

Expand your offering.

Accept and hold funds in multiple currencies and issue branded physical cards, enabling customers to travel with the currencies they need at their fingertips, while managing FX.

One platform. Infinite possibilities.

Our global payments platform enables effortless Pay Out, Pay In, Card Issuance and Banking as a Service capabilities. Accelerate and optimize your financial service solutions around the world.


Payments to over 190 countries. Zero hassles.

Make cross-border payments to employees and partners. Impress customers with new functionality. Speeds in many regions as fast as real time. We put our network of partnerships and relationships to work for you.

Bank like a local with accounts worldwide.

Avoid the hassles of complex regulations for international accounts. Receive, hold and pay funds locally in the most popular currencies from anywhere in the world. All while saving on FX fees.

The convenience of cards. The seamlessness of one API.

Global fund disbursement for expenses, payments, loyalty rewards and more. For many, cards are the way to go. Tap into Nium’s full-stack solution that covers over 30 markets around the world.

DIY banking: assemble the financial services right for you.

You can build a complete end-to-end flow to and from a vast array of countries using just the right mix of cards, banks and e-wallets with single-API simplicity.

Nium APIs: embed the best.

Go from idea to implementation quickly and easily with our robust, bank-grade APIs. Explore our developer docs to find the right endpoints for your application, designed to get your team moving securely and scalably.

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